Profile Sprayer

- The main steel structure adopts bending and jointing of cool roll steel plates. Ensure the machine’s stability when it works
- The transport belt is with high abrasion and chemical eroding resistant. Ensure it has a long life.
- with belt cleaning system to ensure the continues work, and keep the clean of the workpiece back. The reclaimed paint can be used again.
- Feeding speed can be adjusted by frequency control to fit different spraying requirement.
- At the entrance , there is a guide device. It prevents the workpiece off tracking
- At the entrance, there is sensor to control the gun start and stop.
- Closed spraying booth keeps the dust out and improves the spraying quality.
- Quantity and angle of the gun can be adjusted to fit different workpiece.
- The spraying parameter is set by the operator on the touch screen.
- Using PLC control system makes it a simple and intuitive instrument to use.
- The filtering of air outlet system can avoid environmental pollution
- Exhaust blower is installed at the top of the machine to keep the paint reek within limits

Technical Parameters:

Model LSPM400A
Processing width 10-400mm
Processing thickness 10-100mm
Feeding speed 2-40m/min
Feeding power 0.75kw
Blower power 1.5kw
Cleaning power 1.5kw
Working spraying gun Max. 6 pcs
Working pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Max. Figure dimension 2460×2180×2570mm
Weight 1200kg

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