CNC Paint Spraying Machine -SPD2500C

1.General Introduction:

The model SPD2500C CNC Spray Machine is specific designed to spray the various panel-type workpiece, like wooden panels, flat door, raised door, cabinet door, stair and other furniture components.

l Automatic painting machine allows paint guns to operate in five axes (X,Y,Z,A,B);

l Gun movements are programmable: linear motion goes along the X,Y,Z axis and rotation motion goes around the vertical (A) and horizontal (B) axis;

l Painting head allows for installation of up to 4 automatic paint guns;

l Number of installed paint spray guns and their functionality (e.g. rotary or fixed) depends on specifics of a painting process;

l Painting head speed is up to 100 m/min in the horizontal plane (along the X and Y axes) and up to 30 m/min in the vertical plane (along the Z axis);

l Automatic paint spray guns that apply material with preset working parameters minimize paint material losses, reduce time of painting process and filter fatigue;

l A glazed spray booth with inside lighting allows for ongoing control of a painting process;

l Service door facilitates access to the interior of the paint machine which is incorporated in the system of emergency shutdown of the paint machine in the event of opening it during operation;

l Compact design of the paint machine along with accessories and equipment minimizes amount of space required for installation of the machine and current operations;

The turntable increases efficiency of operations by shortening loading and unloading times of workpieces;

l The upender allows the door leaf to be painted on both sides during a single loading of the painting machine;

l Aperture stop automatically closes and opens when the operating mode is activated to ensure maximum cleanliness in the lacquering area.

Automatic paint reclaim system and spray gun cleaning system is applied;

l It can be installed in existing paint booths with a pre-installed air exchange system.


2.Automatic Machine Operations

  • The operator's touch screen ensures fast, simple and intuitive operation of the painting machine;
  • Size of the operator screen (diagonal: 15") allows to view all necessary information and parameters related to operations of the painting machine;
  • Various painting programs that define the process of painting edges, side surfaces and surfaces of specific elements to be painted can be saved and then selected;
  • The operator's panel is located close to the loading area;
  • PLC ensures efficient and trouble-free operation of the machine;
  • Its operations do not require any special painting expertise and/or programming;
  • Optimally selected number of operating personnel depending on equipment operational intensity (1-2 persons), significantly reduces employment costs;
  • Service position of the painting head enables ongoing operation of the painting equipment;
  • Integration with a barcode system can be carried out;
  • Online service is available in case the painting machine is connected to the Internet.
  • Previously specifically defined varnishing programmes may be saved and then selected for various patterns of door leaf;
  • Edges of the doors may be painted once or several times; surfaces may be cross-varnished to obtain the best results;
  • A table for painting flat elements (e.g. cabinet door) is provided;


3.Painting Material and Circuits

  • The SPD2500C automatic painting machine is designed for application of various types of paint materials such as:

- Wood stains: water, nitro, spirits, solvent-based;

- Varnishes: polyurethane, polyester, acrylic, water and water UV;

  • Paint materials can be applied as part of low and/or high pressure technology;
  • Up to 2 paint circuits can be installed without circulation of the paint material; The number of paint circuits is optimally selected for specific paint processes and paint materials;
  • Number of painting circuits is selected optimally for a specific painting processes and painting materials;
  • Small low-pressure tanks can be installed at a short distance from the guns in order to save time for changing colour or type of lacquer and minimize loss of lacquer materials during such changes;
  • Liquid adhesives can be applied to glue finish-type film on membrane presses.


4.Electrical and control distribution board

  • Electric switchgear and control cabinet are integrated in the same cabinet;
  • Space around the machine and the work area is optimised;
  • Risk of mechanical damage to the electrical and control systems is minimised by the machine operator.

5.Technical Parameters:

Max.Working Dimension 2500x1300x150mm
Max.Working Weight 50kg
Gun Movement Speed 100m/minute
Total Power 4.3kw
Compressed air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa/6-8Bar
Compressed air consumption 100 l/min (excluding paint spray guns)
Working Efficiency 1.5-3minutes per working area
Loading time of elements into the working area 10s (turntable rotation time)
Operator 1-2 person
Weight 2800kg
Overall Dimension 5500*3857*2725mm

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